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Villa Rules

– Pet Policy
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets at this location. Our priority is to maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment for all guests, and this includes adhering to a no-pets policy. We understand the importance of furry companions to many individuals, but due to various reasons such as potential allergies, noise concerns and maintaining the cleanliness of the premises, we have decided to establish this policy.
– Guest Limit
  • All guests must be listed on the reservation. Any unlisted guests, or guests exceeding the villa’s occupancy limit will be charged $100/night.
– Quiet Hours
  • Quiet hours are observed from 11:00pm to 8:00am.
– Smoking Policy
  • When staying at this property, please observe our No Smoking policy as any sign of smoking may result in an extra $200 cleaning fee.
– Firearm Policy
  • No fireworks or firearms are permitted anywhere on the premises.
– Surveillance
  • For your safety, the property has been equipped with exterior security cameras. They are located at the parking and drive area.
– Maintenance
  • We kindly ask that guests notify us immediately if they experience any issues with amenities such as appliances, Wi-Fi, Hot Tub, Entertainment Systems, EV Charger during their stay. Availability of these items is not guaranteed, so no rental concession or refunds will be issued for time without these items.
– Fire Policy
  • Fires We require all fires to always be attended by an adult guest. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that their fire has been completely extinguished before leaving the area. In the event of extreme dry conditions, exterior fires may not be allowed – we will inform you directly if this should occur. Fires outside of designated fireplaces and fire pits are strictly prohibited. For safety, a fire extinguisher is located under each Villa’s kitchen sink as well as near each fireplace, with additional wood stored nearby. The registered guest must adhere to these regulations and assume any liabilities associated with caring for a fire.
– Photography & Drones
  • All commercial photography/videography must be approved ahead of time. No drones allowed unless cleared with management to ensure other guests are not disturbed.
– Hunting
  • No hunting is permitted on the premises.